CREST Quadrant that all members adhere to

What is CREST Penetration Testing?

CREST is a not for profit organization that serves the needs of a technical information security marketplace that requires the services of a regulated professional services industry.

CREST Penetration Testing represents the technical information security industry by:

  • Offering a demonstrable level of assurance of processes and procedures of member organizations

  • Validating the competence of their technical security staff

  • Providing guidance, standards, and opportunities to share and enhance knowledge

  • Providing specialized security staff recognized professional qualifications and those entering or progressing in the industry with support with on-going professional development

Benefits of using CREST Organizations

CREST provides organizations wishing to buy penetration testing services, threat intelligence, or incident response services with confidence that the work will be carried out by qualified individuals with the latest knowledge, skill, and competence of the latest vulnerabilities and techniques used by real attackers.

More information about CREST

LGMS is the first Malaysian company to be certified by CREST UK. Currently, LGMS holds the CREST chapter membership across Asia.

More About LGMS

Let’s understand how LGMS could help to secure your business.

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