Cyber Security Governance & Compliance Consultancy

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Cyber Security Governance & Compliance Consultancy

Every one of the emerging organizations relies on the very foundation of substantial regulatory compliance, audits, attestations, and assessment requirements that meet the needs of governance. Need to tackle Information Security regulatory requirements? Look no further as we are the industry’s lead in Cyber Security Consultancy.

Achieve compliance and be secure!

With over a decade of specialized IT Security experience servicing clients in various groups of industries both locally and internationally, LGMS is reputable, objective-driven, and product-agnostic.

With vast knowledge and experience with IT Security Controls, Risk Assessment Methodologies, and various regulatory frameworks, place LGMS as the right vendor for your cyber security consultancy needs.

  • Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (ISO/IEC 15408)
  • BNM RMiT Independent External Party Declaration Assessment
  • Cyber Security Maturity Assessment
  • Unified Compliance Framework Consultancy
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Assuring International Grade Security

The Common Criteria certification is well-known and respected by 28 nations. Earning the certification will help to secure deals with governments and corporations internationally.

LGMS team of expert consultants are ready to audit and certify your products and solutions to prepare them for international market competitiveness. Get certified now!

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LGMS, a Trusted Source of Attestation for the Compliance Assessment

With our extensive involvement and experience with local regulators, banks, and financial institutions, LGMS auditors have an in-depth understanding of the requirements. They are well-versed in providing consultations and performing a comprehensive compliance assessment that identifies all necessary controls.

LGMS has had numerous successful case studies in delivering the attestation for e-banking security assessments and internet insurance security assessments to multiple financial institutions and insurance companies.

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Assess Your Cyber Security Maturity

The CSMA framework focuses on the critical cyber security aspects of the industry standards and frameworks to provide a score for the following focus areas:

  1. Asset Management

  2. Cyber Security Risk Management

  3. Incidence Response Management

  4. Operational Security

  5. Access Control

  6. Business Continuity Management

  7. Regulatory Compliance

  8. Human Resource Security

Based on your organization’s score and Cyber Security Goals, recommendations to improve the score in each area of focus will be compiled and proposed. As the threat landscape changes, regular CSMA iterations will allow the organization to adapt security initiatives for current and future threats.

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Consolidate and Manage Your Compliance Requirements Under One Unified Framework

Most organizations are required to comply with multiple standards, regulations, and guidelines while trying to align all these requirements may require significant effort and resources.

A Unified Compliance Framework would greatly benefit such organizations by ensuring control effectiveness, reducing the compliance effort, identifying compliance risks, as well as increasing the visibility of the current compliance state at all times. As the threat landscape evolves, the UCF can be efficiently updated with the latest best practices and recommendations, to ensure compliance is never left behind.


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