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Wireless Network Penetration Testing

Once a wireless infrastructure has been deployed, organizations should conduct wireless network penetration testing to identify any gaps in wireless security controls.

LGMS wireless network penetration testing uses automated and manual penetration techniques to locate and map authorized and unauthorized wireless access points, review corporate access point configuration and then discover weaknesses that could allow an attacker to penetrate those networks. Potential internal and external threats are documented, and a recommended action plan is developed to address any security risks

Wireless Network Penetration Testing cover activities such as testing the protective measures on WPA / WPA2 / WEP / WPS.

An actual LGMS wireless site survey report that illustrate wireless signal quality.

Tasks typically wireless network penetration testing tasks include:

  • Low-level assessment of wireless network AP configuration in public areas

  • Denial of service attack emulation to assess defensive strategy

  • Rogue Access Point discovery

  • Review of policy and procedures dictating the use of wireless devices

  • Emulation of an attacker performing brute force attack and audit on wireless security protocol on your deployed wireless network

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LGMS wireless network penetration testing team has been at the forefront of the wireless revolution since the emergence of 802.11 wireless standards.

LGMS wireless solutions practice can assist both organizations that currently use wireless technologies and those that are considering future projects.

For existing wireless users, LGMS can enhance your current environment to maximize RF coverage while minimizing channel interference. At the same time, LGMS will make sure that your wireless network is providing the security you need to successfully authenticate users, encrypt data, and block unauthorized access.

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If your organization is considering the deployment of a wireless network, LGMS can architect a secure wireless network based upon your business requirements and existing security policies.

LGMS certified and experienced wireless infrastructure engineers will design a wireless solution that incorporates recommendations for software, hardware, and network configurations. We deliver solutions that balance functionality with investment and security with ease of use.

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Over the years, the LGMS wireless network penetration testing team has become an essential element to help organizations meeting various compliance requirements, such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard – PCI-DSS.

Our wireless network penetration testing engineers regularly work together with major financial institutions to ensure that their wireless infrastructure is penetration tested to minimize potential risks exposure and identify vulnerabilities in a proactive manner.


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